I just engaged some knuckle dragging burner on the Tesla vs. Viper post. I'm probably asking for trouble, but maybe they will surprise me.

Alfisti generally laud this car. Ya know what? Screw it. This thing is a stupid piece of crap and the designer was an idiot. The 75/Milano was about as far in this design direction as one could safely go, but the designer of the SZ was clearly blinded by the 80s and loss all perspective.

I wish I did everything awesomely, and when people watched me they would hear this song, and I'd be moving in slow motion.

If I told you the US annual GDP is around 15 trillion USD, what country would you guess has the second highest and how much is it?

Just saw the Morgan 3 Wheeler in Manhattan, in Soho! Sorry for the blurry picture.

Anyone ever run walnut shells through the intake of an engine to clean it out?